I joined Julie's webinar on workplace wellness during my lunch break. She offered a balance of theory and practice to help me make subtle shifts that really impacted the culture of my workplace. Such an interactive session! Much gratitude, Julie! 


I worked with Julie on a webinar called "Promoting a Culture of Workplace Wellness through Mindfulness, Gratitude and Joy." She was prompt in all our communications, extremely organized, and the subject matter was inspiring and uplifting, providing clear actionable insights for the audience. I received more than 20 requests for the recorded webinar afterwards, and overall we had 400+ registrants with almost 200 attendees, making this one of our most popular webinars of 2018. On a more personal level, I truly appreciated a discussion about Mindfulness & Gratitude that included scientific reasoning behind the claims, as well as providing clear "how to"s not only for yourself, but for your teams. The webinar left me feeling like there were things I could do (or start doing) that same day which would make a difference, and to this day, I not only limit my multi-tasking (as Julie suggested in this webinar) but actively advise my team against it. 

More Results:

Since this webinar aired, my team has doubled in size, and I have been steadfast in using Julie's advice to ensure that the support of each other is our number one goal, and to maintain flexible deadlines that accommodate individual workloads - so there's no need for high stress multi-tasking. We've also put into place practices that allow the team to avoid being distracted by emails first thing in the morning, and I personally lead the "let's eat lunch outdoors," movement by sending a message on Slack to let people know I am going outside and they are welcome to join me. I compliment team members as frequently as I can, in front of each other, and the result has been a highly engaged and cheerful workforce. A couple of days ago, my newest hire said that he actually enjoys coming to work, which is one of the best things a manager can hear. I would recommend listening to Julie's content (and applying it!) if you also want to hear comments like that from your direct reports!   Shelley T.


Although I feel I am generally a Grateful person, I believe there’s always room for improvement. I chose to join the webinar on Gratitude and Joy that Julie Bruns was delivering. She did a wonderful job explaining ways to bring more joy and gratitude your way. She was articulate, non-repetitive and very easy to listen too. I thoroughly enjoyed her workshop, which confirmed that there is always more to learn and I am so grateful I did 😊.  I look forward to hearing more!!! LC


 "I commissioned Julie to run a series of workshops on diversity and inclusion topics.  Every workshop was full attendance, with Julie researching and delivering high impact workshops.  Her ability to speak to an audience with such presence was no doubt why people attended.  The series was one of the most successful series of workshops I have seen."   Vikki L.


 "I participated with Julie in her Focus at Work webinar which taught practical, easy-to-remember techniques for strengthening our attention at work. Julie's extensive corporate experience allowed her to point out the many ways we unknowingly get distracted at work. I learned that attention is a muscle that can be strengthened and this will help me significantly in my fast-paced job. Julie's facilitation was excellent. I highly recommend her work."  Dana L.


"Julie just finished an outstanding presentation on the “Power of Connection” at the workNet DuPage Job Club that I facilitate. I have known Julie since her attendance at the job club during the Recession in 2009. I noticed that she maintained a positive attitude, developed creative methods to find job openings, and…helped job seekers in need.

Julie embodies her connection techniques by bringing passion to her presentation, with her “Heart, Mind, and Soul”. She easily connects with the job seeker audience offering nuggets of networking techniques. It is always a pleasure to see Julie, to see how she has grown, and especially, how she gives back. If you are looking to improve yourself or to develop your staff, I strongly recommended you contact Julie Bruns." Jim Fergle